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Where is the Old Patriarch tree?

The Old Patriarch tree in Grand Tetons National Park is one of the iconic images of the park. But it is seldom photographed by the casual photographer because it isn’t visible from the Teton Park Road and it takes a short hike through fairly thick sagebrush to get to it. Good directions to the tree are available in a thread in a Yellowstone Net forum, but I wanted to supplement those directions with GPS coordinates and a Google Earth view. Hence this post.

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PrintEXIF Script v3.0

PrintEXIF, a Photoshop script that started as an adaptation of a script I found on a DPReview forum, has taken on a life of its own. For those unfamiliar with PrintEXIF, the script was written (in JavaScript) to prepare an image for display on the Web by “framing” the image and “printing” its EXIF information (shooting data) into the bottom of the frame. Why do this? When photographs are posted on photography forums, forum readers frequently ask, “What aperture and shutter speed did you use?”, “What ISO?”, “Which lens and what focal length?” You get the idea. So to answer those questions, PrintEXIF can be used to put that information into the photograph itself.

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