Tap & Dye Leather Strap for the Leica SL2

I’m a big fan of Tap & Dye leather camera straps. Big fan. Obsessed? Maybe. I’ve accumulated close to a half dozen of their straps. Tap & Dye is a Brooklyn, NY based maker of handcrafted leather goods with an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. Justin Waldinger, the Founder & Chief Craftsman of Tap & Dye, states:

Our products are handcrafted from extremely durable, vegetable dyed full grain cowhide sourced from family run U.S. tanneries like Wickett & Craig and Horween, Chicago’s oldest tannery that has existed since 1905. All hardware components are sourced from vendors and manufacturers within the U.S which means that when you support this brand, you are in turn supporting an ecosystem of American manufacturers and vendors as well. And that’s a good thing.

When Tap & Dye announced a new adjustable strap late last year, I asked Justin whether he could customize that strap for the Leica SL2. He readily agreed even though no such strap was in his catalog.

The Leica SL2 has unique strap lugs/eyelets. I’m being kind when I describe them as “unique”. Unlike most camera strap lugs, which are typically small round-ish protrusions from the top sides of the camera body, the SL2 lugs are rectangular metal “ding makers” that sit proud of the camera body by just over 5mm. I’m not a fan. When you carry the camera in a bag, you have to be very careful that the lugs don’t come in contact with an adjacent lens or other scratch-prone accessory.

My goal was to procure an attractive leather strap that would be easy to attach and remove from the camera, cover the majority of the metal lugs, be adjustable for over-the-shoulder or cross-body carrying, and not take much space in the bag. Other companies make leather straps for the SL2. Most are heavy and stiff compared to the soft pliable Tap & Dye straps.

Here’s the finished strap attached to the SL2 showing the attachment and adjustment detail:

The strap complements the look of the Leica perfectly.

Each leather camera strap is made from Horween Dublin in Bourbon finish. The underside will be beveled and sanded for a softer, comfortable fit and feel. All edges will be left unfinished and distressed for a vintage antique look.


I’m very happy with the result and with Justin’s willingness to craft a custom strap for the SL2.

While I have not checked the dimensions or fit, this strap should fit the lugs/eyelets of the Leica SL Type 601. The lugs on that camera are recessed (as the SL2 lugs should have been, in my opinion):

If you are interested in high quality handcrafted leather camera straps, I highly recommend Tap & Dye. You can contact Justin using the contact page on his website or by email: info@tapanddye.com.

I am not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Tap & Dye. I am a customer and have purchased the straps I own with my hard-earned cash.

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