Where is the Old Patriarch tree?

The Old Patriarch tree in Grand Tetons National Park is one of the iconic images of the park. But it is seldom photographed by the casual photographer because it isn’t visible from the Teton Park Road and it takes a short hike through fairly thick sagebrush to get to it. Good directions to the tree are available in a thread in a Yellowstone Net forum, but I wanted to supplement those directions with GPS coordinates and a Google Earth view. Hence this post.

After finding the tree on a September 2008 trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone, I used a DIY GPS receiver with my Nikon D3 to pinpoint the exact location of the tree. I’ll describe the GPS gadget in another post. You can set these coordinates in any of the common GPS receivers to find the tree: 43° 47′ 0″ N, 110° 41′ 51″ W.

Here’s a photo of the Old Patriarch framed using PrintEXIF v3.1. The GPS information is displayed, and the photo is a link, so you can click on the photo to see a Google Earth view of where it was taken.

Old Patriarch Tree

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