GalleryFrame Script Updated to v2.0

The GalleryFrame script has been updated to add new features, improve performance and fix a few bugs. GalleryFrame is a script for Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 (or CS2) that automates the generation of a frame for an image intended for Web display. The frame that is generated is similar to the asymmetrical frames used in galleries to display prints.

Casting a Shadow

The ideas for this script came from Scott Kelby’s book, “Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks”, and The Light’s Right Studio’s Photoshop action for a gallery frame effect. I wasn’t satisfied with either approach and wanted a more complete automation of the process. This script resizes and sharpens an image, adds signature (copyright), title and subtitle information (signature and title can be derived from IPTC metadata), provides a choice of frame, border and font colors, and (optionally) saves the image as a JPEG in a folder that the user can select.

Some of the changes from v1.0:

  • Saves all settings, including the “Save as…” folder
  • Subtitle font can be a different from the title font
  • Subtitle color can be a different from the title color
  • Metadata copyright notice and title are displayed (if present in IPTC info) in the dialog box
  • New size is exactly as chosen in the dialog box
  • Resizing and stroking code improved

The script should be installed in the Program Files>Adobe>Adobe Photoshop CS3>Presets>Scripts folder (Windows) or Applications>Adobe Photoshop CS3>Presets>Scripts folder (Mac OS X). It has been tested with Photoshop CS3, and with both Windows and Mac OS X (Tiger and Leopard). The current version is GalleryFrame v2.0. More information can be found in my earlier posts.

Tip – Uncheck the “Save as…” box and run the script until you have the font sizes and other settings where you want them. You can go back to the beginning in the History palette each time you re-run the script. Once you get the settings where you want them, check the “Save as…” box and save the file. Voilà


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