Orton Effect

The Orton Effect action is an Adobe® Photoshop® action that automates the application of a technique, attributed to Michael Orton, that produces a “painterly, ethereal, and romantic” effect. More information on Orton imagery can be found here or by doing a Google search. To install the action, copy it to the Program Files>Adobe>Adobe Photoshop CS2>Presets>Photoshop Actions folder (PC) or to the Applications>Adobe Photoshop CS2>Presets>Photoshop Actions folder (Mac). Then load the action from the Photoshop actions fly-out menu. It will run on a PC running Windows XP and on a Mac running OS X. It has been tested with Photoshop CS2 and will soon will be tested with CS3.

Update (April 2008) – This action has been tested with Photoshop CS3 and Mac OS 10.5. To install the action, copy it to the Applications>Adobe Photoshop CS3>Presets>Actions folder (CS3 and Mac OS 10.5) or the appropriate folder for Windows Vista and XP.



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